Welcome to Swapratim’s Blog

Welcome to Techmatic. Before you take-off to explore more, let me have the pleasure to introduce myself.

I’m a software engineer by profession. But I have a non-dying curiosity to know everything that is happening around me since Big Bang. It always feels like the movement of proton is always the same, either it is moving around in distant galaxies or running my blog on WordPress server. The carbon based life form seems such an amazing creation evolved by nature that I eventually got fascinated by the biggest and best mimicry of life forms ever tried and succeeded artificially – the computer science.

I like to learn and play with different and new technologies emerging around. Apart from that I like to travel, do photography, reading books, play games. I am an inborn foodie and travel provides me a lot of opportunities. My interest is distributed in a lot of things.

Apart from my M.Sc, I have completed diploma in  Exoplanet exploration (exoplanets are the planets which are residing outside of our Solar System) from Australian National University. As a part of my daily work, innovation is another aspect which I enjoy most. Recently I have bagged another diploma in Iterative Innovation from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

I use to work on innovative Android apps like – In Time SMS, AndroLogic  which are freely available in Google Play Store.

This is a place where I will continue to share technical tutorials and my travel experiences. Because I believe sharing will enrich everyone with more knowledge.

Please do visit, like, comment and share my blogs if you like them. Your views are most important to me to run this blog.



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