Techmatic – One Blog to Solve Them All

Welcome to Techmatic – the one stop guide for technology related solutions.

My name is Swapratim Roy. I’m curious by heart and IT consultant by profession. My passion lies in learning potential technologies emerging around. I also like to travel & explore, do photography, reading books and write blogs on them.

I like to explore new things continously. Besides my IT portfolio, I have a MSc in Bioinformatics. I also pursued diploma on Astrophysics – one of my favorite subject to explore anyday. But my curiosity also drove me for a diploma from MIT on Industrial Entrepreneurship. My recent blogs are more prone towards discussing the scope of emerging technologies and opportunities in real world.

This is the place where I’ll continue to share my two cents of learning and hands on experience on different IT related technical stuffs, new tech outlook, travel experiences and many more.

Please do visit, like, comment and share my blogs if you like them. Your views are most important to me to run this blog. Also I write in Medium on regular basis. You can visit my blogs there also.


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