How to encrypt password for Weblogic server in Linux

Weblogic has a key feature to serialize and deserialize the passwords in order to tighten security. From admin console, if you provide any password, Weblogic will automatically encrypt it after a server restart. As a Weblogic admin, at some point of time, you might have to encrypt a password directly and put it in config.xml file. For the first time, I scratched my head too to do it for a Linux based Weblogic server.

  1. From puuty,go to Weblogic domain ($WL_DOMAIN), then to config directory.
  2. Copy Serializedsystemini.dat file from security directory ($WL_DOMAIN/security) to config directory.
  3. Create a shell script and paste the below code:
# Encrypts  password in wls environmet

export APP=application_name
export ENV=prod
export FMW_HOME=/opt/weblogic-10.3.6
export DOMAIN_NAME=osm_domain
export PATH=$FMW_HOME/jdk1.6.0_65/bin:$PATH

cd /apps/$APP/$ENV/weblogic/$DOMAIN_NAME/bin
. ./

java -cp $FMW_HOME/wlserver_10.3/server/lib/weblogic.jar:$CLASSPATH $PASSWORD

Always remember to change the application_name and ENV as per your Weblogic application name and environment.

  1. Here is the outcome. The password provided was ‘weblogic’:
[app@unixbox config]$ ./encrypt


Put this encrypted password directly into Weblogic config.xml and restart the server. The job is done. Your headache is over. Rest will be handled by Weblogic itself.


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