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Android ADB is not starting up

You have installed the Android Workspace. Also you have created your first Android Project in there. Of course you will be anxious to see your first Android App running in Android Virtual Emulator and suddenly it is not running. Console … Continue reading

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How to Decrypt Weblogic Encrypted Password

Weblogic Administrators often faces problem during recover a password which is already encrypted in Weblogic_Domain config file. Today we will see a simple way to get rid of this problem forever. Here is a short demo of using this within … Continue reading

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How to use Digital Font Face in PHP/HTML – Tutorial

Font Face is a very interesting technology to increase the quality and page layout design by manyfolds. It immediately attracts the attention of the user to the page. I was developing a Certificate Management Dashboard where I wanted to use … Continue reading

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Tricky Android Tutorial – Push file to Android Virtual Emulator

There will be several very good Android tutorials for beginners. But I will jot down a few tricks and trips about Android Development, some of which cost me few sleepless nights. Yesterday I wanted to read a PDF file in … Continue reading

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AndroLogic – Android App to monitor Oracle Weblogic server 11g & 12c

The greatest pain for Oracle Weblogic administrators is to seat before the monitor every time an issue hops up. As Oracle has not introduced any smartphone apps to monitor the same, mobility opportunity in Weblogic administration is still a limitation. … Continue reading

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