Oracle Service Bus: Session Activation problem – “Another session operation is in progress. Please retry later.”

Oracle SOA product OSB (Oracle Service Bus) is quite popular among different companies as application server. This is controlled and configured over OSB console which is quite user friendly for OSB admins.

Recently I faced an issue in OSB application server. Whenever I was trying to activate the session in osb console, irrespective of no parallel users accessing the osb console for any kind of change, I was facing the following error in the console:

Another session operation is in progress. Please retry later.

With this error, the console never got activated with any kind of change(s) (whether it be any deployment or any trace enable/disable).

After a significant effort spent, I finally got the solution(s) for this problem.You can give them a try if you face such scenario.

  1. When there is a genuine session duplicate case, you will find more than one system directory within this directory: $OSB_DOMAIN/osb/config/sessions
    Delete the secondary system directory and try for session activation.
  2. If that does not work, delete everything under
    Restart your Admin server with the deletion of cache, tmp, data & stage directories
  3. Make sure, when you are changing anything in OSB console, no other user is trying to change from console at the same time.
  4. No user should know your login credentials. Parallel login with same credentials, trying to activate session at the same time can create such issue.
  5. Make sure, nobody has clicked on Lock & Edit button in Weblogic server to change any parameter.
  6. Sometimes, if all of the above steps did not help, go for rolling restart of the entire domain. Delete cache, tmp, data & stage for all managed servers along with admin server including tmp from domain directory itself.

Best of luck for your resolution. In my case, I was not so lucky. In spite of every attempt, the issue intermittently persisted. After following up with Oracle, they declared it a Oracle_product_bug. So there is a least possibility of the error being found as a bug also. 🙂


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    Good for my own documentation. Still looking for the cause of “Cannot Create outside the session”…

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