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Author is Founder & Owner of - Enterprise AI Chatbot Development Company. Currently he is busy developing chatbots for restaurants and other small & medium business domains. has set foot in Denmark now. In his early career, he has worked in development & support perusing different roles & responsibilities. He also used to work on several innovative projects. Android apps developed by him like – In Time SMS, AndroLogic are freely available in Google Play Store. He has several in house tool built available for free usage on internet. Apart from this, he likes to share his learning with all which he had learned over years. The sole purpose of this blog is to share the author's knowledge in IT, passion for travel and recent trends with you. Hope you will enjoy his contents.

What’s It Like To Be The Owner of a Gym

  Hi Five Fitness Aarhus is a comparative new but well reviewed gym in Aarhus, Denmark. So I requested for an interview with the gym owner – Thomas Arentsen. Thomas kindly took his time off in second week of December … Continue reading

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Chatbot — From Disruptive Technology to Reshaping Business Globally, A Walk Through in 2017

Chatbot evolution was on rise in 2016. But it took a flight with the onset of 2017. Continue reading

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Why Every Restaurant Should Start Using Chatbot Today

Chatbots are the latest buzz around the globe. With the rise of messaging, chatbots are becoming more and more popular every day. Every business sector seems interested in adopting chatbot. Big brands have already started launching their chatbot from last … Continue reading

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How to decrypt Encrypted Password in Weblogic from 10g to 12c

Being a Weblogic administrator, you must have faced this issue sometime. You need to get some login credentials for any module within Weblogic and it is been showed as credential-encrypted. Username is still visible but the password is not. Whamm!! What … Continue reading

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‘’ – The Artificial Intelligent Chat Bot

With you don’t need to install so many apps in your smartphone. Just one Messenger app would be sufficient to take care of 37 different applications and use them freely. Think of this as the new edge solution for your smartphone where an online virtual agent will help you out all the time. Continue reading

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AI Chatbots – How They Will Shape Our Future Soon

chatbot is going to the most explored technology. The boom has already started. In 2016, thousands of chatbots emerged in Facebook only. But the last year was the year of learning and exploration. Standard and useful chatbots were produced quite lesser in number. It is been expected that 2017 is going to be the year of chatbots. Continue reading

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How to update npm from Poweshell -Node.js tutorial Part 2

Once you have installed npm, it is necessary to update it from time to time to be working with the latest version. Right click on the npm icon and open in Powershell. The context path will be automatically set. Now … Continue reading

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