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Apache Installation and Configuration – Step by Step Tutorial

  Shortcut to install: Download $ lynx Extract $ gzip -d httpd-NN.tar.gz $ tar xvf httpd-NN.tar $ cd httpd-NN Configure $ ./configure –prefix=PREFIX Compile $ make Install $ make install Customize $ vi PREFIX/conf/httpd.conf Test $ PREFIX/bin/apachectl -k start Step by … Continue reading

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How to set up your own website in easy steps with Wamp Server

Tired of developing code only? If you want to host your own website, this is the right place. In general, you can hire a domain with some fixed yearly rent to host your website or you can set up your own website at home computer with zero cost, with unlimited opportunity to develop, modify and upgrade your own website. Continue reading

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SSL Certificate Monitoring Dashboard

In any e-business now a days, providing security and safeguarding customer data protection are of high values. As a result, many of the security or payment based applications are using SSL protection layer. These certificates are needed to be renewed from … Continue reading

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CLI Script – Generating HTML file from dynamic Shell Script

Command Line Interface is very popular amongst programmer geeks. But unfortunately you will find very less tutorials about it in web. You must have been familiar with shell script. But have you ever tried to host a site with dynamic … Continue reading

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How to use Digital Font Face in PHP/HTML – Tutorial

Font Face is a very interesting technology to increase the quality and page layout design by manyfolds. It immediately attracts the attention of the user to the page. I was developing a Certificate Management Dashboard where I wanted to use … Continue reading

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